Why you should embrace your inner greatness

Why you should embrace your inner greatness

embrace your greatness

One of my taglines, slogans, and brand of sorts is Embrace Your  Inner Greatness. I use it in hashtags on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s my message to people everywhere but especially the lost, wounded, hurt, heartbroken, and in particularly young women. It is expressed on the back cover of my book Words of Inspiration, Sister to Sister: So Then I Learned. And while you can probably find those words anywhere. Just do a quick google search and it will come up in many places. And, you probably think you know what I mean with those words, I want to clarify my thought process behind my positive affirmation for you to Embrace Your Inner Greatness.

You see before I started using it I had no idea it was such a used phrase. My usage of the phrase comes from two thought processes. One, as a professor, having taught many students I see too often how low self-worth and low confidence stunts the growth of our young people. Somewhere in their background, typically, their childhood they were told, you can’t, you are not capable, you are not the right color, or the right size or the right…and the list goes on and on. They are hardly ever told that they are good enough just as they are. This low self-worth manifest in their grades and behavior. They act out because they are seeking attention. They do poorly in school because they feel like what’s the use anyway and so the cycle of impoverished thinking continues.

As I began to see through these external actions to understand the internal self-loathing, I challenged myself to make a difference. I challenged myself to be a positive influence in their lives. I started looking with my heart and not my eyes. I challenged myself to look beyond statistics and stereotypes. I challenged myself to look beyond dreaded hair, gold top and bottom grills, pants hanging below the butt, Goth makeup, half naked bodies with beautiful young ladies baring their precious vessels so everyone can see, the profaned filthy expressions that comes from not knowing any other way to express themselves. I challenged myself to look beyond all of that and see the soul that God created. And behind the external armor of low self-worth is a beautiful soul that caused God to smile and say “it is good.”

Looking through his eyes of love and compassion for the human soul there is greatness in every soul that breathes. There is ability and capability. There is creativity and creative powers. There is powerful and prolific thought processes that can result in brilliant writers, authors, doctors, surgeons, pianist, musicians, athletes, activist, actors, humanitarians, entrepreneurs and so much more if someone took the time to look beyond the external and see the greatness that abides inside of us all.

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Secondly, when we embrace our inner greatness we can clearly see greatness in others. For those of us that believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord, the scriptures says Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). In this battle between good and evil. Greater came to overcome evil. And he showed himself mighty as he died a horrible death on the cross and rose again on the third day claiming victory over death and the grave. That Greater power left this physical world but not without leaving a gift behind. He promised to give his spirit to anyone that would accept it. If you are a believer then you have accepted the gift of his spirit and so in you and I resides the same power that he had. He is limitless and so are we. So when I say embrace your greatness to believers. I am asking you to embrace the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you. Know that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Know that all things are possible for you. Know that you have the greatest power that ever existed living inside of you. When this power is acknowledged there is nothing that can stop you from being the best you that you can possibly be. You and I will reach our destiny as long as we embrace our greatness!!

Allowing the gift of the Holy Spirit to reign in our lives through the reading of his letters to us (the bible) you will begin to see others through his loving eyes and heart of compassion. When we all look with those eyes and hearts we understand we are all united in one mission, to love each other as He loves each of us. This brings about a clarity that allows us to see clearly the greatness that’s in us all.

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I love you with Christ love,

Embrace your inner greatness and inspire someone today

With Love,




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