5 Ways to Empower Your Child: Free E-book

Have you ever wondered how you can help your child or children make better choices than you did? Do you question how to build their confidence and help them be successful in achieving their dreams and goals in life? If you are like me and most parents we want our children to have better lives than we have. We want them to have more opportunities and more success than even they can imagine.

Hello, I am Dr. Tonya White Johnson, a mother, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker, adjunct professor, small business owner, career coach, and literacy program director for P&P Helping Hand Foundation.

I am also the founder of empowered-lifestyles. My mission in life is to inspire, empower and impact the life of everyone I come in contact with. My experiences have taught me the value of loving yourself and taking back your power. Too often we tend to allow situations, circumstances and conditions to dictate our lifestyles and even our goals in life. Well, I am on a mission to inspire you to take back your power. I am on a mission to empower you in the areas that matter.

As a college professor and literacy program director, I see firsthand the need to empower our children. This indeed is the first level of defense.

Reports  indicate that a lack of academic achievement drives students to drop out of high school. More than 8,000 students quit high school every day, limiting their financial potential and ability to become strong members of the workforce.

High-school-only graduates earn $17,500 less per year than those with four-year college degrees. For those without a high school diploma or equivalent, the earnings gap is even greater.

It is more critical now than ever to provide our children with the necessary tools for success. While I believe that we need empowering in every area of our lives it is befitting that we start with our most precious asset, our children. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

If we can start them in the right direction. If we can boost their self-esteem and build their confidence levels, we can truly have a better tomorrow.

This eBook was written for anyone that is interested in learning more about how to empower our youth. Whether you are a parent, an uncle, aunt, childcare professional, or teacher, I believe you can use the tools presented here to support, encourage and empower a young person in your life. To learn 5 proven ways to empower your child. Download your free copy today.