Never Let Fear Stop You

Fear is one of the greatest deterrents to success.  Never let fear stop you. Someone said a long time ago that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  I agree wholeheartedly. It’s  an illusion.  Once we do what we were afraid to do we realize it was never as bad we thought it would be. Most times we actually enjoy the ride.

I wrote this article a few months ago, it is still just as much relevant today as I embark upon new territory. Take the time to read it. I think you will be inspired. 

As I was walking this morning I decided to do a mental exercise. I closed my eyes as I walked a familiar path. While my sense awareness told me that there was nothing around me, after a small period of time, an immobilizing fear overtook me and demanded that I stop walking. The demand was so great I had to really fight it, not to stop. It was like my body was under its grip and was intent on stopping.

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