Empowered Author & Speaker

Empowered Author & Speaker

twj coverStruggling  with self-worth and emotional identity is nothing new to women. For generations we have depleted ourselves by giving of ourselves emotionally, physically, and mentally to others. We have put our needs on the back burners for the needs of our children, husbands, boyfriends, partners, girlfriends, parents, and the list goes on and on.  Some of us have taken abuse, physically and emotionally.   Many of us have allowed others to dictate our lives. Many of us have bypassed our dreams for the dreams of others. We have stopped believing in ourselves because others didn’t take the time to believe in us.  We have felt powerless, alone and hopeless.

Well, no more!! Yesterday is GONE and today is a new day!

 Dr. Tonya White Johnson believes it’s time for women to understand and embrace their greatness. In a powerful compact collection of inspirational stories and poetry Dr. Tonya White Johnson declares the dawn of a new day. She takes you on a journey of her personal life that depicts her own struggles and eventual triumphs that led to her coming to know the most powerful person in the world. Herself!!

 In her own no nonsense way and in everyday language, Dr. Johnson shares her experiences and what she has learned on such subjects as self-worth, taking back your life, love, what is a man, settling, friendship, making a change, learning to forgive, searching for God and much more.

Dr.Johnson says, with a generation plagued with low values, standards and emotional underdevelopment more than ever women must stand up and demand respect and honor. However, we cannot demand those things until we are liberated in our minds, in our thoughts, and in our spirits. We cannot demand anything until we are empowered, confident and comfortable in the essence of who we were created to be. Then and only then can we truly be the support system for our Men. Then and only then can we demand that our men stand and take their rightful places in this earthly kingdom.

 If you are ready to take this journey or know someone who needs to take this journey to empowerment order your copy of Words of Inspiration, Sister to Sister: So then I learned.

Dr. Johnson’s passion does not stop with empowering women she is passionate about helping all people in all capacities, but  in particular, the education arena. As a member of the board of Directors for P&P Helping Hand Foundation, Dr. Johnson spends her summer coordinating a summer reading program with emphasis on adult literacy. Her goal is to be an inspiration and positively impact the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. Ten percent of all sales will be donated to P&P Helping Hand Foundation. Learn more about P&P Helping hand Foundation at www.pphelpinghand.com

 To order your copy of Words of Inspiration Sister to Sister may purchase  on Amazon.com or for more information or to purchase an autographed copy from the author click here

 You may also contact Dr. Tonya White Johnson to speak on various subjects including: women in leadership, relationships, children in crisis, finding your divine purpose, loving yourself even when you are feeling unlovable, marriage, education, parenting, physical and emotional abuse, finding the right career, entrepreneurship, and more.