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I’m Tonya White Johnson, author of Words of Inspiration, Sister to Sister and founder of www.empowered-lifestyles.com. I am so glad you stopped by. This website is for those who are interested in living an empowered lifestyle. We use the word lifestyle  because for our definition  it encompass all aspects of living.  Your lifestyle is reflected in your everyday living including your health, finances, relationships and more. We want to empower you holistically. 

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Like many of you that will read this page, I am an average person that refuses to allow my history to define my future. I am a living witness that determination, faith, and grace can turn the impossible into the possible.

Along my journey, I have had many disappointments and some life altering events. But at the end of the day, I am still standing. I am an overcomer, and I know that you are as well.

Professionally, I have conquered many battles with much more to overcome. I am a professor, educator, entrepreneur, career coach, inspirational speaker and author. But more than all
of the many hats I wear professionally, it’s important that we all see each other as individuals, as human beings that need each other.

My why…….

I started this website partly because of my own history of not feeling good enough, needing validation from others and suffering low self-esteem for a good portion of my life.
In my own personal growth and development, I came to realize that no one could fix my problems but me. While others most certainly will or have had a hand in depleting you of your life energy, your power. Ironically, no one can give it back to you, but you. This concept in and of itself is mind boggling but so empowering at the same time.

Life can be full of toxic events, people, and situations that cause us to feel less than. These things that happen in our lives can sometimes knock the wind right of us. Without someone to lean on it can be very hard to get up. Sometimes when we do get up, we have forgotten who we were before the tragic divorce, broken relationship, broken friendship, childhood violation, and a host of other self and spirit damaging events.

I want to use this platform to let you know that you are not alone. Many of us have been through the fire, some of us are still going through, but at the end of the day, we are still here. As long as we are here, we have an incredible opportunity to take back our power and live an abundant empowered life.

I would love to hear your stories. I would love for you to be a part of building a great community of empowered individuals. Please feel free to comment and share any of the information you find that may empower others.

Be inspired. Be empowered. Impact someone’s life today.

Much love,

Tonya White Johnson, DBA,  Founder of www.empowered-lifestyles.com & www.howtofindyourcareer.com

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