What is Empowered Living?

What is Empowered Living?



What do you think of when you hear the word empower?

The dictionary defines empower as giving someone the power or the authority to do something. 
We often think of it in terms of giving it to someone else. Owners empower their managers. Managers empower their employees. Parents empower their children. 

How do you feel when you are empowered? How does it feel when you are the boss? When you are in charge?  I know for me, I feel like I can move mountains. Like anything is possible. It is  liberating. Yeah, that’s the word. Empowerment brings liberty.

We are often empowered, but only for a particular situation or event. If you are the manager you are the boss at work? But there is always someone over you. Even the CEO or president have to answer to the board of directors. So where is true liberty? Where is real empowerment? Where do we go to get it? I am so glad you asked that question. Here’s the long and short answer.

You! You empower you.statue-of-liberty-568692_1920

Here’s the way I define empowerment. I see it as taking back your power. Giving yourself the freedom to be the best you that you can be. I see it as freedom, boundless and limitless. Empowered living is a way of life. It is about having a lifestyle that empowers in every way, in every way in every department of life. Not just at work, but in your home, on the beach, wherever you are, you can walk in empowerment. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. How does it feel to be empowered all the time? In every facet of life?

I learned a long time ago that we cannot control all events in our lives. We cannot control how others treat us or the things they say to us or how they see us. We cannot control sickness, disease or other natural things of life. What we can control is how we respond to these life events. Now, that’s powerful!

Think about it. No matter where we are, what situation we find ourselves in. No matter what has happened or is going to happen, you are in control of your response.

I have an acquaintance that exemplifies this thought process. Even in a weak and diseased body she refuses to give it power. She refuses to allow that she cannot control to control her. There are the goosebumps again. She simply refuses. And because she refuses to give in, she has not given up. And not giving up has kept her alive for more than 20 years, when the doctors said she only had three weeks to live some 20 years ago. Now, I’ve read about so many miracles like this, but this one I know for sure. Her testimony is based on her faith. Her belief in God empowers her to live.

What Empowers You?

There is always a who, or a what, that empowers people that live empowered lifestyles. I am always in awe of their stories. For the majority, it always leads back to their faith. There is always something bigger than them that they rely on. That they hope in. That they believe in. Mine too,  is my absolute faith in Jesus Christ. It is the knowledge that I was born for a purpose. The knowledge that my life has a purpose. The understanding that I must live on purpose.

This knowledge takes the control of life events out of my hands and into HIS. The revelation that I cannot control life’s events is humbling and empowering at the same time. Humbling because I humble to the force that’s greater than I and look to him to take me through. Empowering, because I control how I get to respond to this situation. I get to respond with integrity and shield-492992_1280dignity if I so choose.

I have the power to do just that.
And while it may seem overly simplified. It is just that simple. When we began to take back our power that we have given to others, we will find out just how simple life is.
We tend to over-complex it by focusing on those things that are not within our power. We try to change our spouses, our friends. We try to fix it for our children and loved ones. We try to impress because inside we are a mess. All of these things are complex issues and when we conform to the pressure of attempting to make changes to something completely out of our control, and so we becomempowered livinge complex.

So here’s the challenge. I challenge you to take the focus off of others and put it where it should be. I challenge you to conquer all of the things that war against your mind by purposefully choosing how you think about it. How you perceive it. How you will respond to it.

Being Empowered on Purpose

I use the word purposefully because it’s a critical word. We must begin to live, to breathe, and to think on purpose. Too often we find ourselves living a life that was never designed for us to live. We live how others tell us we should. We do what others tell us to do. We live like our parents because that’s all we know. We buy the same detergent because it’s what our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother did. We buy Ford trucks because it’s what Dad and Grandad and Great Grandad bought. And we are okay with it because we call it a tradition. Never once do we stop to say what kind of detergent do I like?

Choosing your own detergent is living an empowered life. Yes, I will agree I giggled at that too. But you see it’s the small things that lead to the big stuff. So we have to start back at the little things to fix the big impressions that have been left on our lives by another.

Here’s an exercise I would like for you to try out. Seriously, think about what dish detergent you use? What laundry detergent do you use? Then ask yourself why?

When you have done some self-analysis, if it warrants a deeper self-evaluation take the time to do it. Take the time to figure out who you are. What are your likes and dislikes? Take the time to take back your power little pieces at a time.

I started this website of those of you who know without a shadow of a doubt that you are not living an empowered life, and you know with just as much conviction that you have the power to take it back.

I would love for you to join me on my journey to empowered living and having an empowered lifestyle.

If you are ready to take this step toward freedom. Towards your liberty. Towards living an abundant and unchained lifestyle, please subscribe to this website for weekly doses of empowered living.

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